Monday, February 2, 2015

My Birthday/ Vacation 2015

This year, I decided for once in my life I wanted to do something for my birthday.
I always used to do low key with close friends and family because it always snowed around my birthday, no one likes to drive in the snow.
Anyway, this year my boyfriend & I booked a 9 day cruise & my parents went too!
(Separate room from my parents obviously)
It was absolutely amazing! I had such a good time relaxing, laying out to tan, shopping, etc.
We went to- Puerto Rico, Saint Thomas, Saint Maarten & Tortola.
Night 1, at sea;
For my birthday present my boyfriend booked up a couples massage.
It was an amazing way to start off the vacation relaxing & getting those achy muscles taken care of.
Day 2, at sea;
A drunk guy who called himself Doc bought me a bottle of wine and talked my boyfriends ear off for well over an hour. He saw us sitting by the bar outside by the pool.
He was mildly harmless but he wouldn't shut up.
My boyfriend told me he was going to call him Chris Angel (like the magician guy that was on TV) because every sentence he started off with "ARE YOU READY??" just like the guy that was on TV.
The wine was really good though, I drank the whole bottle in an hour.
Day 3, Puerto Rico; My birthday!
We got free Frog Leg shots at Senor Frogs, yummy!
My birthday Dinner:
Day 4, Saint Thomas;
This beach is on the top 20 most beautiful beaches/views in the world,
Meagan's Bay.
We also did some shopping in Saint Thomas but I didn't take pictures.
Day 5, Saint Maarten;
Day 6, Tortola;
There was nothing to do in Tortola except go to the beach.
By the time we took a water ferry from the ship to the pier, and then a taxi to the beach we didn't have much time to spend there;
Day 7 & 8 were at sea coming home;
we got caught in that storm that hit back home in NY with snow.
The boat was rocking horribly and the waves according to the TV on the boat said 11-14 ft. waves.
But we made the best of it.
Day 9; Back home in the afternoon.
I could not have asked for a better 27th birthday/vacation.


Michael D'Agostino said...

Those ice cream macaroons look incredible. It's still on my bucket list to go on a cruise.

Jax said...

Lmao @ the Kris Angel reference!!!!! Glad you guys had fun. Happy birthday, sis. Xoxo

Fbg666 said...

The ice cream macaroon was amazing! My favorite dessert the whole trip was probably the creme brûlé but I forgot to post the picture of it I'll have to do it later this week. I highly reccomend cruises because i don't have to drive and the foods all taken care of and included unless you want to eat at a special resturant. The convinence is my favorite part.

Fbg666 said...

Sis, if you met this guy you would have been laughing your ass off at him hahahaha thanks for the birthday wishes <3