Thursday, February 19, 2015

Valentines Day

Valentines day it snowed, 
The weather in NY has been crazy!!
Bf & I decided to stay in, watch movies and snuggle on the couch.
He got me a bottle of wine, 
My favorite kind too; Moscato!!

For dinner, he made delicious Turkey nachos. 
They were to die for:

I told him i didn't want flowers they are a waste of money.
I told him if he wants to get me something, 
Get a card and write a little something & don't just sign your name.
He agreed.

To my surprise at work on Monday...

I was catching up on work because I wasn't in on Saturday, 
Some old guy comes to the front office door and asks for me.
I'm thinking to myself, 
"Who the hell is this?? I don't know you"
Turned out, the bf sent me flowers anyway!!

They took over half of my desk!
I had to shift over my phone and 2nd computer screen!

He also attached a very thoughtful card:

How did I get so lucky??!!
Pinch me, 
I think I am dreaming. 


Jax said...

Absolutely adorable!! Tell Chris he gets a thumbs up!! Waste of money or not...EVERY woman likes to get flowers.

Carlos got me Gone Girl because I've been dying to see it, but we didn't get around to watching it. I already told you that I was sick that night so I kinda, sorta fell asleep. Hahaha (I did get flowers though.)

Pat Hatt said...

The weather sure does stink indeed. Sounds like a great day was had with all the little things he did.

Fbg666 said...

Gone girl was a good movie we downloaded it a while ago and watched it. A psychological thriller it had us saying "wtf" the whole time! I'm sorry you were sick on valentines day, I hope you were able to make up for it another night :p

Fbg666 said...

It really is the little things that people don't realize, but can make a relationship just that much better. And snow is my enemy, we might be getting more on Saturday :(

Michael D'Agostino said...

Do you think he'd mind if I married him?

Christopher Mcgourty said...

I would mind lol

Fbg666 said...

Hahahahaha well Michael I think I would be jealous if he didn't marry me first :p

Gorilla Bananas said...

I think you should ask your boyfriend to pinch you because it's sounds like he'll satisfy your every whim. ;)

Ainy said...

I am in VA with 8 inches of snow, so I understand getting snowed in! :)

Fbg666 said...

Omg! The snow really is such a hassle! I'm glad I'm not in boston though, they got over 24 inches in a month according to the news! I'd be shoveling over my head lol

Fbg666 said...

Lol pinching?? Not a turn on! But he does make me very happy :)

Jax said...

Hahahaha I see you met the Japing Ape. :)