Wednesday, March 4, 2015


I started to moove Saturday night. My bf came over to my parents house we had dinner, and we loaded up my car and his car with about 10 or so boxes. I had already been up since 6 am because I work 7am on Saturdays, it sucks.
Sunday I woke up late did a little unpacking, mind you I still at this point don't have all of my belongings in the new apartment. Around 2 on Sunday it started to snow.... And it was coming down hard.
My mom said, "why don't you stay one last night so you don't have to worry about going to work in the am?" I almost cried. Because my mom was being sincere. Her and my dad went to walmart and bought me a little 4 pack of the Monster energy drinks I like.
She even said I don't have to take all of my stuff in one shot they aren't going anywhere..... A few days prior she had said I need to hurry up and get my stuff out so she can use my room for storage. Mixed signals....
My dad said she was being nice because I'm actually leaving, I'm not just talking shit I'm actually packing up my stuff and leaving.
Not that I moved far, only 10-15 min from my parents house and I litterly pass their house daily on my way to work. It's just an adjustment, I am not used to not having my mom scream my name daily for either help with her iPad or something. I'm used to walking downstairs and seeing my dad at the kitchen table pretty my any time of day or night, or in the den watching tv.
It's just different, not in a bad way....
I  did have a few emotional breakdowns over the weekend and last night. I am not used to being on my own. I mean my bf is there, I'm just not used to not seeing my family daily.
I text my dad every day and were going over for dinner tonight, we went to dinner with them Monday too. It's just I guess a little overwhelming and I didn't think it would be.
Going to grab some more of my stuff when we go tonight for dinner. I never thought I'd miss my crazy family so much. And it's not like were never going to see them,
I guess I am just not very good with change. 


Michael D'Agostino said...

Aw sorry to hear you've been struggling. You'll always have your friends on the internet for support :P

Fbg666 said...

@michael thank you for the internet support!