Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Catch up

Since my last post I lost 5 lbs. I haven't been extremely strict with my diet and I still haven't really gotten around to legit exercising.
I find there are not enough hours in the day, and I'm back to working 6 days a week due to "busy season. I am SHOT when I leave work.... And I sleep late in the am because I'm just so tired.
Mind you my department is now basically doing the job of 3-4 departments at any given time of the day because we pick up the slack of other departments.
This past Saturday was a perfect example, I left work with my head spinning and a headache. My brain can only hold so much information at one time....
And none of us have seen a pay raise yet, just more work for us to do yet they want the call time to be shortened?? Makes no sense.
Friday I get to go for a biopsy at the doctor.....
Fun fun!