Saturday, June 13, 2015

Intoxicated driver

On the way home from Six Flags tonight, on the belt parkway my boyfriend and I got stuck behind someone who had to have been drunk or on drugs.
For over 10 minutes he was all over the road almost hit several cars passing him. My boyfriend was afraid to pAss him thinking this guy will crash right Into us.
I called 911 and I reported his car and his license plate #.
Normally I wouldn't do thAt, but this guy was swerving so bad almost driving in the middle of 2 lanes then flying to the other side and then back again.
I was afraid this asshole was going to kill someone.
Surprisingly enough my phone call made an actual difference and within 5-10 min the guy was being pulled over by a Unmarked cop car.
I did my good deed for the night. 


Jax said...

Omg...glad you guys are ok. And I'm glad you called. You could have saved someone's Mushy!!

Fbg666 said...

I just hope more people try to do the right thing, with the holidays approaching there are a lot of crazy drivers out there!