Thursday, April 28, 2016

Boston, MA 2016

My birthday weekend this year, I decided to take a road trip with my love to Boston, MA.
I have always wanted to go and see the sites, eat the food you know, typical tourist stuff.
We didn't even make it a few miles into Massachusetts before getting pulled over by a state trooper for my loves license plate covers. Basically the cop was looking for a reason to pull us over talk to us to see if we were "normal".
My bfs car also has tinted windows just as an FYI but apparently the highway we were on, is a big drug trafficking area and a week prior they pulled someone over and seized a lot of cocaine and made a big arrest.
Luckily the trooper was a really nice guy and let us off with a warning about the license plate covers, and a lecture about the bust they made a week prior but we didn't get a ticket and for that I was grateful.
Always fun and exciting when you go anywhere with us!
Anyway, here are some pictures of the places we crammed into a short weekend.
I still want to go back and go to Salem, MA next time.
Next time we will take my car... lol


Tennesse 2015

Some random pictures of the food, booze, guns and stuff we did when we went in December.
The food was amazing, we got to see my bfs mom and brother, we had a blast.
I can't wait to go back someday and explore the places we didn't get to see.



Cummins Mill Falls, TN

December 2015.
I had to go on some hikes/trail walks with my love.
I had to compensate for all the Waffle House I was eating!
Also I happen to really love nature and beautiful scenery, here are some pictures I took:


Burgess Falls, TN

December 2015 with my love. Such a beautiful trail and scenery.
Too bad we couldn't get too close due to there being a fence/damage.
Still amazing nonetheless, here are some pictures I was able to take: