Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Love & Marriage

As of 11/13/16 I am now off the market as I am now a married lady.

Our wedding was everything i could have ever dreamed of.
Small, intimate with our immediate family & our closest friends.
We had about 40 people, perfection. We were able to say hello and thank everyone for coming and take all of our pictures plus we were even able to stop, eat and enjoy some of the ambience together.
I truthfully could not have had a better day. The weather was a perfect 60 degrees (not too hot or too cold), the food was phenomenal and the wait staff was spectacular.
There was so much food people were taking food home and I sent everyone home with extra cake and centerpieces. I will have to post some pictures later, they are pictures our friends and family took as we won't get the pictures from the photographer for a week or 2.
I am still in awe how perfectly our special day went.
It was truely magical.
Best day ever.

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